Jason Hofer

Presents 'SCARS'

Hill Of Humility was inspired by the story of a character named Christian in John Bunyan's book Pilgrims Progress. After spending a period of time in the abundance of the palace Beautiful Christian's journey takes him down a hill into the valley of Humiliation.  Here Christian is hard pressed by various trials to continue his journey, but considering he has no armor on his back, he goes forward.  Christian's  struggles are not unlike our own when we are brought down into the valley.  

"It's a dangerous road that path down, down,down.  It's a road on which the mighty perish." ~Jason

Released April 20, 2018
Music and Lyrics by Jason Hofer. 
Recorded by Jason Hofer
Photography & Design By Daniel Melvill Jones

© 2018 all rights reserved

I fell hard down that lonely hill
Stumbling on pride and self and dreams
Breaking things the whole way down
I landed in a heap of unbelief

Sorrow poison sting cut deep
Hopelessness, despair and unreleif
Gathered round as death lurked in the ground
Drawing near to devour me

My shield my sword my defenses failed
All lost scattered down that dreaded hill
No strength in me from the dragon I see
Save me now Lord I cry out to thee

Set me on thy road to healing streams
In your land guarded by your sovereignty
For I’m a wrenched unhappy man
Without thy rod, without thy shepherd staff

© 2018 All Rights Reserved