Jason Hofer

Presents 'SCARS'

'Lost My Way' is a continuation of the falling down the hill of humility concept.  It  touches on the pain of loss but points to a greater hope in this process of heart change.  Not a hope that can ultimately be found through work and merit, but a hope that comes from the outside our trying.  A hope that is desperately needed before our time is up.  

Lost my way lost my road, dropped 1000 meter and was dashed below

They’re finding pieces of my broken pride on the palisade floor

Oh felt that pain at first, but lately feeling light as snow


Oh man man living is hard, and dying is done everyday

On that well warn road where movement comes naturally

I loved that life one time, but lately lost that beautiful thing


Laying 5 to 5 flat on my back with a pain in my head

I don’t know what it’s like, but it feels like I broken my neck

Got that broken feeling settling down all over me


I need that gospel truth for my soul, before my time

Before the pieces of my broken pride can be rectified

I can’t get no relief though I try and I try and I try

Released May 4, 2018
Music and Lyrics by Jason Hofer. 
Recorded by Jason Hofer at JPH Studios
Photography & Design By Daniel Melvill Jones

© 2018 all rights reserved