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Presents 'SCARS'

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“Good music comes from a place of honesty and vulnerability.  It is my hope that you will find both on the album "Scars" and be greatly encouraged where you are.” 

~Jason Hofer

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Broken hearts and tired souls have found a place to rest in the latest release ‘Scars’ by Jason Hofer.  In September of 2016 Jason was involved in a serious mountain biking accident in which he was airlifted off a mountain with a broken neck.  At Kelowna General Hospital, a halo was anchored into his head and after weeks of traction and recovery he was sent home with an uncertain future.  Home with an unstable fracture, unable to lift five pounds, sit up, lay down, sleep well, or do many of the necessary daily requirements of life, it was hard.  Yet, in the difficulty Jason was given a simple gift, time. Instead of wasting this, The Lord began to reshape the desires of his heart to pour time into reading and writing.  Several months later when he could pick up a guitar, these journal entries of honest lament though never meant to be shared, began to take shape into songs about brokenness and loss.

This album Scars allowing listeners to identify with the trials in their own lives and points to something greater than themselves; the steadfast promises of God.

Based out of Calgary Alberta, Canadian musician Jason Hofer is more familiar in the genres of rock and blues.  This latest album reflects the brokenness of the soul in the simple sincere genre of blues folk.

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